28 July 2011

I caught a cold D:

Yes. I did. I caught a cold and now I am a sad panda.... Especially because I am going to NärCon (game/anime kind of convention) on Thursday next week. NärCon is on the 4th through 7th of August. On the 9th, Gackt is playing in Stockholm, you bet I'll be there with a bunch of friends! And then... I have some weeks of work (like three?) before I take out the rest of my vacation days and start packing and everything, because whoooooo in two months from tomorrow, I will be going to Tokyo!

 Here I am wearing EOS lenses. I can look up which ones, if you want. They are completely green with a dark ring, and since my natural color is rather light aqua-green mix, the lenses blended nicely with my color. They are 14,5mm. They are called EOS Max Pure Green if you order from HoneyColor.com .

And since we are nerds with resin bjds, and we were at my place, and I have eighteen right now... there were loads of dolls as well XD

This is my sweetest Cosette. She will come with me when I move. :3 She is my second doll, and I have had her for about three years now. Today, I tweaked her face up a bit, but I will show some pictures of her tomorrow, with new make up, new eyes, and perhaps I'll also change her clothes...

Ah, yes, and that's my kitty, Cassandra "Cassie" Snowboots! On Monday this week it was a year since I got her home. :3 She is so kind to the dolls, just bumps her nose at them and then leaves them alone... But whenever I have friends over Cassie demands constant attention! And being the sweet little cat she is, everyone adores her. :3

But now, I should try to sleep...

Pixie Sparklies~

22 July 2011

Circle lenses from HoneyColor.com

I got my order from HoneyColor.com today, containing six pairs of circle lenses. I'll be wearing them when I get the chance, to see how they look and everything. Most of them are 14mm, one or two pairs are 14,5mm. One pair has these little pink hearts! I can't wait to try them on, I wonder how well they will show up on my irises, as I have rather light colored eyes.

I also got six lens-cases (animal ones in different colors) and got a free gift of a travel case, which is a pink Hello Kitty on black background. Very cute!

The colors of them are:

  • pink hearts
  • green
  • blue
  • violet
  • violet blue
  • violet/pink three tone
 I have a light brown pair from mukuCHU as well, which are from EOS and super comfortable! I'm hoping the other EOS lenses I got now will be just as comfortable.

All in all, HoneyColor has been quick with shipping, reasonable prices, nice freebies, and excellent service. I will definitely recommend them!

19 July 2011

Playing around

I got some new wigs today! And my very cute little Pullip Dal Angelic Pretty Joujou (March 2011). She's adorable!

And then, of course, I wanted to try one of the wigs, but ended up dressing up and everything. XD

Right. XD

Anyway, tomorrow I am heading off to town to meet up with my brother, and we're going to look for the last things he'll need for his cosplay.

And now, I am going to take a bath!

Pixie sparklies~

17 July 2011

Nail polish

So. I dug up my pastels!And went at my nails. Much fun to be had.

But now, sleep! I must be at work tomorrow... Doggie-poo!

Pixie sparklies~

16 July 2011

Closing in

Every day brings me closer to the day when I will be leaving Sweden for Japan... To be honest, I am only sad about leaving my cat behind. While I am still not sure whether I really want to be a student again, I do want to do something other than work. So, this will be it, for now. Then, let's see what the future brings.

I have been feeling very motivated to pick up some sort of fashion style again, lately. I'm drawn to pastels, especially colors I haven't worn much before - especially baby blue and minty green. I got a cute baby pink t shirt today, with a cartoonish ice cream print on it (from Gina Tricot), and I think I will be wearing it tomorrow. ^^/

But really, the future looks bright and sparkling to me right now. I am going to Linköping for NärCon (anime and gaming convention) in August, and right after that, we're going to go on to Stockholm, to see Gackt. Then I only have a few more weeks of work, and then it's off to the other side of Terra.

I can't wait!

Pixie sparklies <3

13 July 2011

Going, going, soon gone!

Oh, yes. Tickets are booked and paid for. ^^/ Allow me to do a happy dance before heading off to bed. On the 28th of September, I will be leaving Sweden for Japan! Weehoo!

Pixie sparklies~

12 July 2011



Hello everyone! I am very pleased to meet you! ...whoever you are...

I set up this blog to have somewhere to rant about anything and everything, and also to write about my experience of living abroad - in Japan, to be more specific - as I am moving for a year, starting September/October this year! Wow! I am looking forward to it, really!

I'm not going to write a long post about myself right now, mainly because it's boring!

Here's a couple of lists to help you figure me out instead.


  • cupcakes
  • sugar
  • sweet things, both edible and not
  • pink!
  • socks
  • soft beds
  • ribbons and lace
  • animals
  • doing various crafts/creating stuff
  • socializing
  • skirts/dresses
  • fae beings of all kinds
  • rainbows
  • sparklies and glitter
  • flowers
  • thunderstorms
  • dolls
  • music, both listening to, and creating
  • games of all kinds, cards, computer, larp, pen and paper...
  • books, books, BOOKS
  • horror flicks
  • lit candles
  • incense
  • plush toys
  • tea, coffee, chocolate milk
  • etc etc...


  • wearing shoes
  • pants
  • narrowmindedness
  • silly politics
  • bureaucracy
  • cold showers
  • rude children
  • scratched records
  • broken wands
  • unnecessary cruelty, especially towards children, animals and nature
  • people who don't know when to stay quiet
  • prejudice
  • etc etc...
There we go!

Now, it's getting late here in Sweden, so I am off to bed with my kitty!

Pixie sparklies! <3