12 July 2011



Hello everyone! I am very pleased to meet you! ...whoever you are...

I set up this blog to have somewhere to rant about anything and everything, and also to write about my experience of living abroad - in Japan, to be more specific - as I am moving for a year, starting September/October this year! Wow! I am looking forward to it, really!

I'm not going to write a long post about myself right now, mainly because it's boring!

Here's a couple of lists to help you figure me out instead.


  • cupcakes
  • sugar
  • sweet things, both edible and not
  • pink!
  • socks
  • soft beds
  • ribbons and lace
  • animals
  • doing various crafts/creating stuff
  • socializing
  • skirts/dresses
  • fae beings of all kinds
  • rainbows
  • sparklies and glitter
  • flowers
  • thunderstorms
  • dolls
  • music, both listening to, and creating
  • games of all kinds, cards, computer, larp, pen and paper...
  • books, books, BOOKS
  • horror flicks
  • lit candles
  • incense
  • plush toys
  • tea, coffee, chocolate milk
  • etc etc...


  • wearing shoes
  • pants
  • narrowmindedness
  • silly politics
  • bureaucracy
  • cold showers
  • rude children
  • scratched records
  • broken wands
  • unnecessary cruelty, especially towards children, animals and nature
  • people who don't know when to stay quiet
  • prejudice
  • etc etc...
There we go!

Now, it's getting late here in Sweden, so I am off to bed with my kitty!

Pixie sparklies! <3

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