22 July 2011

Circle lenses from HoneyColor.com

I got my order from HoneyColor.com today, containing six pairs of circle lenses. I'll be wearing them when I get the chance, to see how they look and everything. Most of them are 14mm, one or two pairs are 14,5mm. One pair has these little pink hearts! I can't wait to try them on, I wonder how well they will show up on my irises, as I have rather light colored eyes.

I also got six lens-cases (animal ones in different colors) and got a free gift of a travel case, which is a pink Hello Kitty on black background. Very cute!

The colors of them are:

  • pink hearts
  • green
  • blue
  • violet
  • violet blue
  • violet/pink three tone
 I have a light brown pair from mukuCHU as well, which are from EOS and super comfortable! I'm hoping the other EOS lenses I got now will be just as comfortable.

All in all, HoneyColor has been quick with shipping, reasonable prices, nice freebies, and excellent service. I will definitely recommend them!

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