28 July 2011

I caught a cold D:

Yes. I did. I caught a cold and now I am a sad panda.... Especially because I am going to NärCon (game/anime kind of convention) on Thursday next week. NärCon is on the 4th through 7th of August. On the 9th, Gackt is playing in Stockholm, you bet I'll be there with a bunch of friends! And then... I have some weeks of work (like three?) before I take out the rest of my vacation days and start packing and everything, because whoooooo in two months from tomorrow, I will be going to Tokyo!

 Here I am wearing EOS lenses. I can look up which ones, if you want. They are completely green with a dark ring, and since my natural color is rather light aqua-green mix, the lenses blended nicely with my color. They are 14,5mm. They are called EOS Max Pure Green if you order from HoneyColor.com .

And since we are nerds with resin bjds, and we were at my place, and I have eighteen right now... there were loads of dolls as well XD

This is my sweetest Cosette. She will come with me when I move. :3 She is my second doll, and I have had her for about three years now. Today, I tweaked her face up a bit, but I will show some pictures of her tomorrow, with new make up, new eyes, and perhaps I'll also change her clothes...

Ah, yes, and that's my kitty, Cassandra "Cassie" Snowboots! On Monday this week it was a year since I got her home. :3 She is so kind to the dolls, just bumps her nose at them and then leaves them alone... But whenever I have friends over Cassie demands constant attention! And being the sweet little cat she is, everyone adores her. :3

But now, I should try to sleep...

Pixie Sparklies~

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