16 July 2011

Closing in

Every day brings me closer to the day when I will be leaving Sweden for Japan... To be honest, I am only sad about leaving my cat behind. While I am still not sure whether I really want to be a student again, I do want to do something other than work. So, this will be it, for now. Then, let's see what the future brings.

I have been feeling very motivated to pick up some sort of fashion style again, lately. I'm drawn to pastels, especially colors I haven't worn much before - especially baby blue and minty green. I got a cute baby pink t shirt today, with a cartoonish ice cream print on it (from Gina Tricot), and I think I will be wearing it tomorrow. ^^/

But really, the future looks bright and sparkling to me right now. I am going to Linköping for NärCon (anime and gaming convention) in August, and right after that, we're going to go on to Stockholm, to see Gackt. Then I only have a few more weeks of work, and then it's off to the other side of Terra.

I can't wait!

Pixie sparklies <3

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